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Kingdom Hearts: Stairway of Light by Rojoneo Kingdom Hearts: Stairway of Light by Rojoneo
The Sequel to my Kingdom Hearts fic! here the preview and it was inspired by a Magna I've seen so here it is! Oh! And the Keyblades were made by Marduk-Kurios go check him out and give him some major love!

Chapter One: A New Princess?

The empty castle of Hallow Bastion a hooded figure approached the center of the room as he glowed with darkness and held out his hand.

"Rise" the man said as a green fire erupted in front of him as Maleficent gasped.

"Ha! Ha! What? How is this possible?" Maleficent said.

"You're welcome dark fairy" the man said .

"Who are you?" she asked as the man snapped his figures as figures began to appear in the darkness of the room around them.

"Who is responsible for this?!" The Queen demanded stepping out.

"Who cares?! Were alive! Baha ha! Now it's time to get revenge on...wait how did I get destroyed?" Ursula asked.

"My memory seems to be gone as well to who cause my demise" Maleficent said.

"I know who caused my end! A little brat by the name of Jason!" Dr. Facilier growled.

"Why are we here?" Queen Narissa asked.

"All of you in this room has something special back home in your worlds, a Princess of Heart very soon a new Princess will begin to show up in these worlds and collect a gem from the princesses. We can't allow this to happen, if she succeeds to going to all thirteen worlds then that is the end! She will become a princess with the power to banish the darkness!"

"So what do you purpose?" Maleficent smirked.

"Kill her, the minute she shows up to you world" the man said.

"Who are you?" Queen Narissa asked as the man looked their way with a red glow in his eyes under his hood.

"The person who gave the ones in this room their lives back, now do not fail or you will regret it" the man said.


On Destiny Island Jason stood on the beach as he looked out to the sea, over the years Jason cut his long hair short and now wore a black tank top with his keyblade armor on his left arm, wore the emblem of his home on the red X going over his chest and wore black pants with a chain on his right side, Jason is now 28 and now looks like a grown man, he also carried April Keyblade on his back in hopes one day he will meet her again and return it to her.

Jason bent down and picked up a seashell as he sighed.

"This is the only place dose damn heartless don't bother me, why does it feel like I am forgetting something not something someone...someone I met here" Jason said looking to the tree with the star shaped fruit.

A light then began to emerge behind Jason as he turned to see the light.

"A doorway?" Jason said tossing the shell as he walked into the light.

'Glittering jewels, and silk dresses, eternal love with a prince charming, what girl wouldn't want to be a princess? I'm dreaming of meeting my prince charming and finding true love!'

In a small world a teen blonde haired girl climbed a tree as her friend watched below.

"Kilala! Are you okay up there?" Erica asked.

Yep!" the girl said looking into a window.

"Wow! There it is!" Kilala said looking at a beautiful tiara on a red pillow, "it's so beautiful, it's so pretty!"

"Come on, let's go! Please?" Erica said.

"Aw, C'mon! Eric, you worry too much!"

"But if a teacher finds you..."

"Don't worry! As long as I have you watching out for me I'll be..." Kilala said looking back into the window to wee a teacher glaring at her.


"...Fine?" Kilala said as she slipped, "AIEEEE! UPH!"


Around the corner Jason watched as he began to think, 'Did the light bring me to meet that girl? Is she the one?' Jason thought looking to Erica.

Later in the Guidance Consolers Office

"YOU AGAIN, KILALA RENO?! Your behavior is disgraceful! Why can't you be more like Erica?!" the consoler hissed.

"Yes ma'am" Kilala said.

"And what is that badge on your skirt?" she hissed pointing to the Mickey Mouse shaped badge on Kilala skirt.

"Tee hee! Isn't it just the cutest? I love Mickey-"

"Breaking another school rule, are we?!" the consoler yelled slamming her fist on the desk, "what else would I expect from a child without adult supervision?!"

"But I-" Kilala said as Eric knocked on the door.

"May I come in? Miss Manners, you have a phone call" Erica said.

"Oh? Why thank you, you stay put Miss Kilala!" Miss Manners said storming out.

"Come on!" Erica said as the two snuck out of the office.

"Hey over here!" a body in the school uniform said waving to them, "you got caught again?! When are you ever gonna learn?"


"Leme guess, you were reading your princess book again huh" he said handing Kilala her backpack.


"You should thank Erica for always coming to your rescue, and another thing! You better be on good behavior tomorrow's Princess Contest!" Kenta said.

"Don't worry! I'll watch quietly while Erica wins that tiara!" Kilala said ticking her tongue at him.

'A princess contest? Sounds promising to find this princess I was told of' Jason thought as he looked out around the corner to the friends heading out.

"Hey Kenta when Erica becomes the princess, she'll be way out of your reach!" Kilala said.

"What? What are you talking about?" Kenta said as Kilala laughed and got on her mopez with Erica behind her.

"See ya!" Kenta said riding on his bike in the other direction.

"BYE! Let's stop by our usual place!" Kilala said to Erica.


Later the two girls stood on top of a hill looking out to the sea and their little town.

"PHEW!" Kilala said as the two friends laid on the grass, "this feels great! Come on out Tippe!"

A small mouse like animal then came out of Kilala bag as she climbed on Kilala head.

"Aren't you excited about tomorrow? I know you'll look stunning Erica! Tippe and I will get great seats!"

"Stop it! Anybody could win!" Erica said with a blush.

"Erica...if you become princess...we'll still be friends, right?" Kilala asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Well...if you become a princess, maybe you won't have time for me anymore..."

"You're cheerful, bright and everything I want to b you are my best friend in the whole world, Kilala. Nothing can ever chance that!"

"Okay, thank you Erica, you really know how to cheer me up, you're the best."

"Hmmm" Jason said as he stood in the woods, 'I don't sense a heart of pure light in either of them, but then again something drew me here and it has something to do with one of those girls.'

"My mother said she's coming to the contest tomorrow" Erica said as the two girls walked back the trial with Erica pushing her mopez, "did you ever send that letter to you parent's, Kilala?"

"Yes but they never write back, they're coming back from Paradiso when my mother gets well, it should be...just a little longer I guess."

'Paradiso? I've heard of this world said to be the Holy land of Worlds' Jason thought.

"Hm?" Kilala said looking to the woods.

'CRAP!' Jason thought hiding behind a tree but he saw something that also caught Kilala eye.

"Hey Erica! Look at that! In the woods!" Kilala said running to the woods.

"What? Wait Kilala! We shouldn't go there!" Erica said.

"Don't be such a scaredy-cat! It'll be fine!" Kilala said as the reached what she saw, "WHOA! A gate?"

Jason also looked at the strange door and saw the apple in the center of a heart.

"Wow! What a great discovery, Erica! It's so big! I bet it's hundreds of years old!"

"Please, Kilala! Can't we go home now?" Erica asked as Kilala tried to open the gat.

"Darn! It won't budge!"


"Look! There are words carved on it...'Beyond the gate the world of dream...'? Hmmm 'Dream...will...come...true'?" Kilala read.

"Maybe if you make a wish, the doors will open" Erica said.

"Let's try it!" Kilala said.

"I thought you'd say that" Erica said dropping her head in defeat.

"Please let me see my mother and father in Paradiso" Kilala wished as she tried to open it again, "oops! Guess that didn't work..."

"Kilala" Erica said taking her friend hand, "it's okay you'll see them soon."


Later that day after taking Erica home Kilala road to her house as she parked in front of the house.

"I'm home!" she smiled as a dark pool formed behind her and a Neo Shadow began to form, "what's wrong Tippe?" Kilala asked seeing her little friend pointing behind her as she looked back to see the Neo Shadow lunge at her, "AHHH!"

"YA!" Jason yelled slicing through the Heartless as more began to appear.

"Go hide!" Jason said summoning his other keyblade in his hand as Kilala ran to hide.

"Let's go!" Jason yelled charging at a Heartless, "Ha! Hu! Ya! Rah!" he yelled destroying one as one lunged at him, "go ya!" he yelled grabbing it by its head antennas and whacked it on the ground and spun it above him a few times before sending it smashing into another Neo Shadow.

"Faith!" Jason yelled using the light spell to destroy the Heartless in one shot as he spun his keyblades and stood in stance ready for more to attack as he saw none appeared before he made his keyblades vanish.

"Thank you! If you didn't show up like you did and slice those things up I may have been a goner!" Kilala said.

"It was no problem" Jason said.

"No I mean it thank you! Huh? Tippe, where are you?" she said seeing her mouse gone.

"Over there" Jason said pointing to the bushes.

"Oh! There you are! What are you-" she began as he and Jason eyes widen to see a boy lying in the grass "It's a boy! Is he asleep?"

"Why on earth did he fall asleep here?" Jason said.

'Wow! He's so handsome! Like a prince from my stories!' Kilala thought.

"Hey are you all right?" Kilala asked shaking him.

"Hmm" Jason said picking up the boy bag and looked into it.

'What should I do? Maybe he'll wake up...if I kiss him' Kilala thought as Jason eyes widen to see Kilala kiss the boy.

"What are you doing?" Jason said.

"OM MY GOSH!" Kilala said red with embarrassment, "Why did I do that?"

"Uh...hunh...?" the boy groaned sitting up and rubbing his head.

"Um...ahhh..." Kilala said still red.

"Hey kid are you..." Jason asked but stopped when he saw the boy all asleep on Kilala.

"Maybe we should get him inside" Jason said.

"Good idea" Kilala said with a blush before looking up "AHHHH!"

"What?!" Jason said looking over as his eyes widen to see a massive Dark Side rise up from the ground.

(A.N. Battle Theme Destiny's Force should be played now.)

"Stay here!" Jason yelled summoning his keyblades and running towards the massive heartless.

"Wait!" Kilala said as she set the boy head down gently on the ground before running after Jason.

Jason then saw the Darkside fall to its knees and the heart in the middle of its body glowed and fired a blast as Jason.

"HA!" Jason yelled smacking it back into it's face as it fired another blast, "YA!" Jason yelled smacking the other back at the Heartless, "RAH!" Jason yelled smacking the last one as the Heartless fried three as Jason dodged rolled and charged at it's arms, "HA! YA! Rah! HU!" Jason grunted striking it's arm.

It then stood up high and it's fist glowed as it punched it's fist into the ground opening a portal of darkness as small Shadows came out and Jason charged at the fist.

"Ha! Ya! Rah! Take this!" Jason yelled striking the fist and destroying the Shadows.

The Darkside then pulled it's fist back and then place on hand on the ground as it shoved it's other fist into the ground to dig for something as Jason charged at it's face.

"Rah! Ya! Ha! Hu! Like that!" Jason yelled hitting its face.

The Darkside then pulled out a small ball of energy as it stood up and threw it in the air as it began to rain down the small energy balls.

"HA!" Jason grunted dodging it's fist as he ran up it's arm and to its face, "RAH! Ha! Ya! Like that?!" Jason yelled striking it's face.

Jason then jumped back to the ground and when it threw a punch Jason tried to block it with his keyblades but the force sent him crashing into the street as April keyblade flew off his back and slid down the street in front of Kilala who watch the horror.

"Kilala!" Jason yelled as April Keyblade vanished then appeared in Kilala hand as her eyes widen.

"What the?!" Kilala said staring at the keyblade in her hand then pulled her forwards as she was pulled into the air as Jason jumped up and three slices were heard as Jason and Kilala were jumping away from the Heartless as Jason landed ready to attack again and Kilala held two hands onto April Keyblade as the Darkside began to dissolve and disappeared.

"Whew!" Jason sighed making his keyblades vanished as he looked to Kilala who just stared at the keyblade in her hands.

"What the heck did I just do?!" Kilala said.

'April Keyblade went to her without her even calling to it...April did you give this girl the power?' Jason thought.

A.N. Do you like? I hope so check it out on Fanfiction under Rojoneo and give it some love.

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