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Dragonball Evolution: The Retold Story by Rojoneo Dragonball Evolution: The Retold Story by Rojoneo
A.N. My first Fanfic based of the live action movie! Now I wasn't all that crazy about the movie so I tried to do it justice here! So here the Preview and for those with really good imaginations here the cast!

Justin Chatwin – Goku

Jamie Chung - Chi Chi

Emmy Rossum – Bulma

Chow Yun Fat – Roshi

Joon Park – Yamcha

James Marsters – Piccolo

Shaobo Qin – Krillin

Timothy Olyphant – Tien

Bee Vang - Chaotzu

Ray Park – Raditz

Nathan Jones – Nappa

Matt Mullins – Vegeta

Tanit Phoenix – Kora (Reyoto Sister)

Channing Tatum – Reyoto

Françoise Yip - Naomi

Chapter One: Piccolo Return

"In an ancient time Earth was nearly destroyed, not by man but by gods from the sky, seven mystics banded together to fight the invaders they created the Dragon Balls!"

Somewhere deep in space a teenager in Saiyan armor and wearing a scouter with his tail wrapped around his waist walked down the hall with his spiky black hair and a small ponytail in the back of his head as he pushed typed in some numbers on a keypad and a door swung opened as he walked in to see a boy quickly jump away from the girl as he growled.

"I warned you what would happen if I caught you in my room or near my sister again Raditz!" the boy growled.

"Brother please I invited him besides you need to get going Freiza wanted you gone an hour ago" the girl said.

"Kora I don't know how long I will be gone but if I come back to find you tried anything funny with my sister Raditz I will personally castrate you! Do I make myself clear?!"

"Yes sir Commander Reyoto sir!" he said mockingly as Reyoto growled.

"Kora I am putting my trust in you, you better not sleep with this trash or so help me there will be hell to pay!" Reyoto growled.

"Just go!" Kora said.

"I know what will solve this, Nappa! Vegeta!" Reyoto yelled going out into the hall.

"What?" Nappa said as the large bald man stepped out into the hall with the short spiky haired Saiyan Prince.

"This better be good" Vegeta said.

"Keep Raditz away from my sister or I will inform Frieza of your little experimenting with his private stash of wine and I will tell him of your sneaking out every night my prince" Reyoto said.

"Fine we'll keep the brat away" Nappa said.

"Hmph, resorting to blackmail well played enjoy the freedom you have" Vegeta smirked.

"All I need to do is go undercover and find the Saiyans hiding out there how hard can playing a High School student be?" Reyoto smirked as he headed to the space pods.

-18 Years Ago on Earth-

An elderly man looks to be in his late 40's early 50's wears traditional feudal Japan clothes with a modernized twist and a silvering grey beard this is Gohan Son, the ex-student of the world renowned Master Mutent Roshi, one of the only two students to be taught under him, Roshi himself studied under the wing of Master Mutaito.

Gohan plows the fields of his farm in the style of the feudal era then a loud woosh was heard as a Meteor shoots past the farm and into the far of valley of Mount Paozu.

"Oh my...god!" Gohan said as he drops his garden rake and begins running immediately.

Later that day Gohan arrives to the crash site, fire surrounds the area and he observes the rounded object thought to be a meteor.

Gohan puts the palms of his hands together and then with a woosh he thrust them forward a bright string of light burst through them and before our own eyes the fire is blown out.

Gohan climes down into the crater and he puts his hands on a rounded part of the object.

"What're you?"

Several beeps were then heard as a part of the ship opens up before Gohan's eyes revealing this mysterious object to be in fact a space ship.

"Good god I've never seen a spaceship like this before" Gohan said as he studies it more thoroughly and looks inside to see a beautiful little baby boy with spiky black hair and a long brown tail this is young baby Goku as Gohan smiles then next to the ship Gohan sees an Orange Ball with Four stars the Dragon Ball.

-Seventeen Years Later-

A Saiyan Space Pod fly's down and crashes into the woods with a loud boom then in a large crater the pod opened up as the Saiyan Warrior Reyoto stepped out and looked around.

"Better get to work" Reyoto said hitting a button on a remote to make the ship fly back to space as he began to head into the forest and too a city filled with lights.

-Present Day-

Outside Grandpa Gohan Cottage Goku is now exactly 17 years and 364 days old and standing away is Gohan his adoptive Grandfather's Cottage in a classic Kung Fupose.

Gohan stands in a similar pose aged more he now looks like he's in his late 60's early 70's.

"Are you ready Goku?" Gohan smiles.

"As ready as ever grandpa!" Goku smirks as they smash into each other their knees grinding against each other.

"Is that all you got Grandpa?" Goku said.

"HUH! You wish junior!" Gohan chuckles then this time they crash both their knees together the force echoes throughout the Mountains as they hit the other's fist smashing into each other as they push themselves against each other with blue aura surging through their bodies, they both grunt at the heavy force.

"You've been learning Goku, very nicely, you were able to handle my Ki attack" Gohan said.

"Thanks plenty more of that to come" Goku smiles.

"Oh really hot shot? What about school? You know you have an hour to get ready" Gohan said as Goku freezes.

"I know I better go get ready grandpa" Goku said.

"Your excused, you trained very well today Goku" Gohan said then Goku throws in a sucker punch and Gohan counters it into a trade, punch for punch they both leap back and scream charging each other.

-One Spar Later-

Goku rides through the parking lot on his Nymbus Bike heading towards his class he bunny hops over a pillar.

"Emi? Emi!? Emi!?Goku stops his bike in front of the school's entrance and looks over at a blonde student in a green track jacket and blue jeans this is Weaver a close friend of Goku he rides over to him stopping right in front of him.

"Hey Weaver have you seen emi?" Goku asked.

"Uhh...umm...I..." Weaver began as a car horn honks they turn to see a yellow mustang-ish like car updated to look like it's from 2020 pulls into the school parking lot and parks near the front of the building license plate reads "city of the future."

Out of the car steps an 18 year old High school Student of African America decent dressed like a cross bread between a jock and a prep this is Carey Fuller, smug annoying arrogant higher than mighty attitude a total spaz but somehow popular.

Goku looks at him sickened they've been enemies since the beginning of elementary school.

Goku's fist tighten he's angry, Carey always finds a way to ruin his day.

Carey walks over to the other side and opens the door for Emi Kirsky also African American cute the high school popular prep girl, Goku's now ex-girlfriend.

Goku stares at her shocked feeling like he had been stabbed straight in the back, feeling like Romeo did when he had been denied by Rosaline.

They walk up to the front entrance were Goku and Weaver stand Emi looks like she feels horrible for being near Goku.

Carey pushes Goku away from Emi "Move it Monkey Boy..."

Emi gets in between them as she turns to look at Goku

"I am really sorry about this Goku."

"Me too...Carry grabs her and pulls her with him.

"Why are you sorry about being away from Monkey Boy... your with me now baby."

As Carey and Emi enter the building she looks back at Goku and mouths "I AM SORRY" Goku's eyes water just a little bit.

Weaver puts his hand Goku's shoulder for comfort.

"I am sorry man... I really am I didn't know that would happen, hey look it's a new beginning there's plenty of fish in the sea you know what I'm saying?"

"Please man... just, please don't I have other things to worry about I'll have her out of my head in no time" Goku said as they head inside and rolling in on a motor cycle a masked rider glances at Goku as he parks his vehicle and removes his helmet to reveal no one or than Reyoto who smirks.

"There you are Kakarot" he smirks.

-World History with Mr. Kingery's Room 248-

Mr. Kingery, heavy set tall balding man with glasses and a very poindexter-ish appearance, sits at his desk in the front of the class.

Goku sits in his seat in the back of the class doodling on the back of his note book a round ball like object a Dragon Ball, the four-star Dragon Ball.

"The Dragon Ball legend says that the Eternal Dragon Shen Long" Mr. Kingery as some of the students laughed, "Also known as Parunga or as he is commonly called in our civilization Shenron, rises during the high eclipse that is caused when the seven Dragon Balls are gathered together and at this time the Dragon is all powerful, any way legends say that if you collect all seven and summon him he will grant you one wish of your chosen desire, anything you want…..Goku he knows what I'm talking about don't you-" Kingery turns to Goku "Goku? Goku?"

Goku sits at his desk half asleep imagining his Grandfather's four star Dragon Ball In front of him then wakes up when a loud slam of Kingery slamming a yardstick down on his desk and wakes him from his haze.

"Oh yeah... yes sir I know the legend of the Dragon Balls, Shenron and all that" Goku said as the kids laugh at Goku knowing he wasn't paying attention while a few seats away Reyoto sat studying Goku.

'Dragon balls? How ridiculous if they were real I would use it to kill that bastard by now' Reyoto thought.

-Lunch Time in Orange Star High Cafeteria-

Goku sits at his groups table reading a comic book labeled "Akira Toriyama's Blue Dragon" he studies it intensely finally he sets it down and sighs while Weaver sits across the table in front of Goku.

"Why so glum chum? You're not devouring the cafeteria like you usually do. I'm surprised you're not fat by now by the way you eat, even with all that training so why so glum?" Weaver asked.

"Bad day nothing good has happened all day really" Goku said.

"Well tomorrow is your birthday you turn 18 Gohan's supposed to let you enter the World of Martial Arts Biggest Tournament the International Tenkaichi Budokai."

:Grandpa Gohan probably won't let me go to it my grades suck only one A+ this whole year." Goku said.

"Hey at least you have a steady A+ I'd be thankful for it anyway that totally sucks man I was hopping to catch you in the Final Round of it Kicking last year's Winner's Butt!"

"I don't know I think Hercule is going to retire he's thirty or forty and every girl throws herself at him. it'd be suicide for him to keep it up."

"Mr. Satan himself retire? Get out of town! Well can you go to the Youth Festival Tonight?"

"If I can resist fighting the rest of the day then yeah I can go."

"What'd Gohan say about it?"

"He said 'don't fight be good and you're allowed to go'."

"So who're you going with?
"I don't really know, I was going to go with Emi but you know..."

"I'll ask a couple of ladies out for us I'm su-" Weaver began as Goku cuts him off.

"No, I don't think so."

"C'mon at least let me set you upon a blind date?"

"Shavon, Emma, Jamie, and Eriko said: 'no' that's just today" Goku said as Weaver mouths 'wow.'

"The girls here don't really like you wait what about-" he began as Goku shakes his head no as the end of the day bell rings.

"At least try to enjoy the half day man, see ya later to pick you up."

"Ok man" Goku waves at Weaver as Weaver waves back.

A little bit a ways Reyoto tossed his tray mountain of food in the garbage as he watch Goku and began to follow.

-Somewhere in a Desert-

An elderly man short salt and peppered beard short crew cut graying hair, wearing raggedy beggar clothes and the coolest pair of shades ever! The man walks up to the Mystic Temple of the Dragon a very Aztec like temple, over the entrance looms a large Desert stone Dragon Head.

The old man looks at the large dragon head he takes off his shades and drops at attered jacket, he gives a sheep-ish grin.

"The never change."

The man enters the room where six monks sit around a table two the most noticeable Master Mutaito an old man African American looks very wise and very peaceful barely looking alive and another one in his 60's with black hair a black mustache he calls himself Shen (A.N. yes I know this is wrong appearances but I am going by what the movie did this is like another universe so I guess Master Mutaito is alive and apparently African American in this universe so just go with it."

"Welcome my student, Master Roshi... how was your journey" Master Mutaito said.

Master Roshi walks over to the table and joins the monks he bows then sits at the vacant seat.

"We the seven mystics have joined again the first time in over one hundred years, how are you Master Mutaito, Master Shen, Tsuru have your students taken better use of your crane style?" Roshi asked as Tsuru a bald monk scouls Master Roshi.

"Now we've not been called here to squabble amongst each other, we're meeting for very important reasons" Master Mutaito said.

"So is it true what we've heard, Piccolo is free and is seeking revenge" Roshi said.

"Not only that but he is seeking the Dragon Balls but we do not know why we do know that we have very little time to stop him" Master Mutaito said.

TSURU: "Master Mutaito my students are more than willing to fight Piccolo's evil forces, Roshi doesn't even have a pupil" Tsuru said.

"True Tsuru but he will, he knows who the "one" is, from the prophecy" Shen said.

"Why don't we collect the DragonBalls and seal Piccolo away again?" Roshi asked.

"It's too dangerous. Piccolo already has the One-star ball in his possession the only way Roshi is to find the chosen one" Master Mutaito said.

"Master, you said I know who the chosen one is how do I know him?" Roshi asked.

"You're old Pupil Gohan Son, find his Grandson" Master Mutaito said.

"Goku?" Roshi said as Master Mutaito nods.

"Mount Pouza" Mutaito said as Roshi nods in agreement.

"I shall travel to Mount Pouza and find Goku, I've already agreed to train him for the International Tenkaichi Budokai, but now I'll have to bring him here to train" Roshi said as the monks nod.

"Why risk the fate of the world on Roshi?" Shen asked.

"You're just jealous that these so-called students which consist of a bald guy with the three eyes and the talking puppet which aren't powerful enough to fight Lord Piccolo" Roshi said as Tsuru chuckles and Master Roshi turns to leaves.

"Protect your Dragon Ball Roshi" Master Mutaito said.

"You protect yours from Piccolo if he gets the Two star ball we're in trouble" Roshi said.

"We'll try our best" Master Mutaito said as Roshi cocks a half smiles.

"So will I...good luck Masters!" Roshi said as he bows before them and leaves the room.

-Gohan Home: Goku Room-

Goku walks into his room and set the majority of them down keeping his English, Japanese and pre-algebra textbooks in hand.

He puts them on a table in front of his bed and opens them up. Gohan knocks on the door very loudly.

"Come on in grandpa" Goku said as Gohan enters Goku's room and notices the clutter and mess as he looks at it unfavorably.

"How was school Goku" Gohan asked as Goku looks up from his studies to his Grandfather.

"It was ok I guess" Goku said as Gohan hands him a small 7 inch by 7 inch box as Goku looks at it strangely.

"Open it Goku" Gohan said as Goku looks even more strangely at it as Gohan sighs.

"I know your birthday isn't until tomorrow but I want you to open this present right now" Gohan said.

"Oh ok grandpa" Goku said as he opened the box tearing the wrapping paper off and open the box and inside the mystical four star Dragon Ball, Goku looks at it in a state of aw mesmerized by it's pure beauty as Gohan smiles at Goku's reaction.

"I found that the very day I found you, I figured it'd be right that when you were 18 that you would have it" Gohan said.

"Thank you Grandpa" Goku said.

"Open the bottom up silly there's something else I got you" Gohan said.

"Huh?" Gohan sighs.

"Open the bottom of the box silly" Gohan said.

"Oh, ok grandpa" Goku said as he opens up the bottom of the box and sees a certificate of registration to the International Tenkaichi Budokai.

"Oh my god! Is this what I think it is?" Goku asked as he looks up at Goha.

"Yes, yes it is my son the greatest test of your limits" Gohan said.

"I've always wanted to join the Budokai, but I thought-" Goku began as Gohan waves and cuts him off.

"I decided to finally cut you a break for once maybe now you'll be able to test those limits of yours" Gohan said as he and Goku both smile.

"Thank you grandpa!" Goku said.

"So my son do you like it?" Gohan said.

"I love it grandpa I've got to tell Weaver!" Goku said.

"Go ahead and enjoy the Youth Festival because in Two Weeks I'm sending you off to train with Master Roshi" Gohan said as Goku's jaw drops this isn't a bonus he expected.

"You mean the man who trained you is going to train me? Just before the Tenkaichi Budokai?" Goku asked as Gohan nods and Goku then hugs his grandfather.

"Well yes the Budokai is in Three Months, now get ready and go enjoy the Youth Festival, it starts in twenty minutes" Gohan said as Goku begins to leave the room.

"Grandpa..." Goku said.

"Yes my son?" Gohan asked.

"If I make it to the final rounds of the tournament will you be there to see it?" Goku said.

"Yes Goku I will" Gohan said.


"Yes Goku I promise."

"Ok grandpa" Goku smiles.

Goku exits his room dressed in an orange shirt black, leather coat black pants and a pair of brown dress shoes as Goku walks up to Gohan.

"Hey grandpa?"

"Yes Goku?"

"What should I do if I get into a fight?"

"Don't put them in the hospital but do defend yourself I will not allow you to be hurt or for you to hurt anyone bad enough to put them in the hospital" Gohan said as Goku bows in front of him.

"Yes grandpa" Goku said as a horn honks in the distance.

"That's Weaver bye grandpa!" Goku said.

"Goodbye my son."

Goku walks over to Weaver's old black car. Goku grabs the door handle and gets in.

Meanwhile Reyoto was down the road on his motorcycle as he hid and watched Goku get in the car.

"Hmmm?" Reyoto said hearing his scouter going off in his pocket as he pulled it out and put it on to see a power level rising in the distance.

-The Mystic Temple of the Dragon-

White alien like creature surround the temple a woman beautiful seductive yet very, very much trouble the kind of trouble you don't want anywhere near you she wears a red leather jumps suit equipped with daggers on her boots and ninja stars strapped to her shoulders looks like she's of Asian descent this dangerous piece of eye candy is Mai, Lord Piccolo's high lieutenant and behind her looms a tall figure from the back wearing a dark crimson cloak with the hood up.

"We await your command Lord Piccolo" Mai said as the cloaked man continues to stare at the temple entrance and growls he holds his arm out and the white aliens move around the temple's entrance and outside pillars they jump into the dragon head and kick through the eyes of the dragon and go in through that.

"Using the Fulam Assassins was an excellent idea Lord Piccolo!" Mai said as a loud siren like screech grows through the room. Master Mutaito and the monks stands and take defensive positions.

"Shen he's here!" Master Mutaito said as Shen nods. the Fulam Assassin then appears out of nowhere and takes down one of the monks forcing him into the darkness.

The rest of the monks group back to back as another monk disappears.

Shen doesn't allow any sign of fear appear on his face as Master Mutaito looks around as a Fulam Assassin jumps out at him as he kicks it in the air and spin kicks it in the face.

Master Mutaito thrust a Yellow Ki Energy out of the palm of his right hand at the alien monster as he chuckles.

"Hmmm... this is definitely his work!" Master Mutaito said.

Shen kicks the monk next to him into the darkness and makes a run for the entrance to the temple out of the dark entrance a dagger shoots out and hits him in the stomach as he falls over then out of the darkness comes Mai with a dark smile on her face.

"Hello Mutaito, Tsuru."

"Hello yourself Mai what're you doing here is your boss too cowardly to face us himself" Tsuru said as the cloaked figure enters the room.

Piccolo then he takes off the hood to reveal a pale green skinned face with pointed ears and antennas on his head and no hair, this is the dreaded Lord Piccolo.

"Hello Tsuru it's been a very, very long time" Piccolo said.

"Two Thousand years old man!"

"Ha! that's funny you calling me old seems like a low blow for God you're as old as I am."

"You know you can't kill me without killing yourself."

"Your right Kami! but Mutaito or as you refer to him as Mr. Popo he's very expendable!"

"I will die for Kami but I will not serve a demon!" he growled as Piccolo laughs hysterically.

"Fool! You do not know what horror I will cause your earth the Ma Fu Ba Will never be used against me again and you Kami will not fight me yet again."

Kami looks down disappointed he knows it's true he knows he won't fight his brother.

"Why don't you embrace your heritage you fool?"

"Because your a representation of the thing I hate most...Brother!"

Piccolo chuckles as he opens his hand and a glowing orb slowly appears in his hands.

"After, I make my wish brother I will trap you for eternity as you intended to do unto me! And you will be reduced to imaging the vengeance I will take upon the earth and her people!"

Piccolo then walks over to an alter where the two star Dragon Ball lays as he grabs it and looks up to the sky.

Kami stands in the Corner Mutaito guarding him "You brother must've been a fool if you thought anyone could dare stop me!"

"Someone will Diamo and you will suffer at their hands the one will stop you!"

"That's wishful thinking Brother, goodbye for I shall make my wish and then brother I'll come for one last visit!"

A.N. Do you like? I ever so hope you do! Check out the story on Fanfiction under Rojoneo and show it some love!

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