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Dragon Ball AF: Retold Saga by Rojoneo Dragon Ball AF: Retold Saga by Rojoneo
A.N. just cause I am a huge tease this story is not on my Fanfic page yet! I am showing the cover and a preview of the first chapter here before I release the whole story on Fanfiction! So here ya go! 

Peace Ends Again

10,000 years ago, let’s backtrack a little bit. Shortly After Goku had risen to the Rank of Super Saiyan, he was able to defeat the ruler of the universe Frieza.

After taking Goku’s last attack, Frieza was left alive in the middle of space where his father ship found him.

“Frieza!” Cold yelled turning the corner to the med lab to see his sob in a rejuvenation tank with many contraptions attached to him.

A hooded woman then followed him in as Frieza told them what happened.

“A SAIYAN HAS DONE THIS?!” Cold yelled.

“It hurts mother, father!” Frieza coughed.

“Pathetic, what a weakling” the woman said turning to leave.

“We shall exact our revenge!!” Cold growled.

“Whatever” the woman said entering the hall, ‘A Saiyan did this huh?’

“Mother! What has happened to Frieza!?” Cooler said running down the hall towards her.

“Why should I care? What use is a son who not the strongest in the universe” she said walking past him.

‘Frieza was defeated by a monkey...a monkey that gose by the name of ‘Goku’ what kind of man is this Goku? I must know this power of Super Saiyan, it is the key to the answer I’ve been seeking. I will have it, I must have it! Frieza has failed me, I will have control of the Multiverse’ she thought.

“Lady Towa shall I ready your ship?” an alien asked as the demon removed her hood.

“No” she said opening a portal to the shadow realm, “looks like I got some ‘experiments’ to run.”

-Present day-

“The time has come, Doomsday and Armset have both been destroyed by Saiyan power, I now know that it is Super Saiyan God forms which is the ultimate power, there is Twelve Saiyan Gods getting one of their DNA was a challenge itself but with the DNA of the Saiyan God Goku, the full power of the Archangel Saiyan Nerento, the Destructive power of the Necromancers Saiyan Kenero I finally have the perfect being, come Xicor it’s time to see what you can do” Towa smirked as in the darkness to red eyes glowed as a man laughed.


Several years have passed since then the Earth has faced many evils, in the past Earths mightiest warriors have defended it, from evils such as Majin Buu and Cell, countless evil forces continued to threaten the Earth, Earths heroes lead by Goku, continued to develop new skills and techniques to defend it, shortly after Goku’s final battle to save the planet he vanished from the world of the living with Shenron and the dragon balls, since Goku’s disappearance the world has remained at peace, our story begins in Orange Star University, Satan city, the College Goten attends and where Gohan and Kento teach.

“No that would be our academic section” Gohan said in his office with piles of boxes all around him with Kento on another phone trying to organize the mess.

“No! That won’t work! I have seminars all day!” Kento said.

“Uh Gohan? Kento?” Erasa said standing at the entrance to their office.

“No! No! I order those to be in Wednesday not Friday!” Gohan said.

“No I can’t work that day! My daughter play is that day!” Kento said.

“Professors!” Erasa yelled.

“Hold on!” Kento said into his phone and covered it and turend to Erasa, “Yes?”

“Your both late for you lectures!” Erasa said.

“What?!” Gohan said setting his book down hard on his desk as the tower of books began to all over.

“AHHHH!” Erasa screamed.

“Huh?” Gohan and Kento said as their eyes widen when the books buried them.




“The lecture...I guess we should get going” Gohan said fixing his glasses.

“Yeah sure” Kento said in annoyance as he pulled a book off his head.

Later that day Gohan made his way into class with a book under his arm.

‘I really need to concentrate, hmm this is going to be impossible to separate family with work.’

“Sorry for being late, everyone please take out your textbooks!”


Meanwhile at Orange Star High, in a big class room to Saiyan Princess Mia noticed her boyfriend head laying on his desk hidden by the textbook he propped up so the teacher wouldn’t see him asleep.

Mia wore a pint tank top with blue jean jacket, wore blue jeans and black shoes and had her hair hanging behind her.

Pan sitting next to him saw this and was annoyed, Pan was now sixteen and wore a yellow jacket, she looked exactly like Videl when she was sixteen but Pan had her long hair in a ponytail, wore a white skirt and brown shoes with black socks.

“Lazy” Pan sighed as she punched Zato in the arm.

“OW!” Zato growled waking up.

“Is there a problem Mr. Hoshi?” their teacher Mr. Michals asked fixing his glasses.

“No sir” Zato said.

Zato now older kept his new clothing style, wearing a black tank-top with fingerless black gloves, battle tape on his arms. Black jeans and fighter boots; he kept his short spiky hair look and now pierced his ears with gold earrings.

“What the hell Pan” Zato whispered.

“You can’t fall asleep in class again Zato, what the hell were up all night for this time?” Pan whispered.

“Training of course” Zato said.

“Are you still trying to master that new form from the Tournament?” Pan asked.

“Yes, if I can just figure out how to use it or activate it maybe it can be taught to others” Zato said.

“Good luck with that” Pan said.

“Good luck becoming any of the Super Saiyan levels” Zato shot back as Pan glared at him.

“Guys, the teacher will hear you” Collin whispered.

“Yeah Zato” Pan said looking back to the teacher.


At Bulma home Serena sighed as she looked at her cup of coffee.

“What’s wrong Serena?” Videl asked.

“I’m bored! The kids are at school and Kento working maybe I should get a job” Serena said.

“Yeah I thought about that but I changed my mind when he came” Pan said looking to the smaller toddler sitting in the grass with Serenity helping with walk as they tried to catch butterflies.

“Mama!” Gozo said walking up and held up a flower to her.

“Thank you baby, how beautiful” Videl said taking the flower and kissing Gozo head.

“Yeah kids are a full time job” Naomi said.

“So mom what’s daddy up to?” Serena asked.

“Oh you know him, in his precious G.R. of his” Bulma said.

“Of course” Naomi chuckled.

“What dose Reyoto do now Naomi?” Serena asked.

“He’s working in the city as a martial arts teacher, I hear a rumor he’s putting Mr. Satan out of business” Naomi chuckled.

“Oh daddy” Videl sighed.

“How people still believe you dad lies is amazing to me” Serena said.

“Tell me about it” Videl sighed.

“Huh?” Serenity said looking to the roof of the garden dome they were in.

“What is it sweetie?” Naomi asked as Gozo looked to the roof as well.

“Someone coming” Serenity said.

“Who coming?” Naomi asked approaching Serenity and looked to the sky.

“I don’t know” Serenity said.


While Gohan was performing his lecture Goten was in the middle of a conversation with other people of his class.

“Hey Goten did you hear? There was a huge monster in the city!” a red haired boy said.

“Yeah I heard the Great Saiyaman 3 whooped him!! It was awesome he knocked him out in one punch, the girls were going wild!!” Goten said.

“Man I wish I was him.”

“I hear he sets up his fights” a girl said.

“What?!” both Goten and the boy said.

“Yep you heard me and have you seen that costume it looks like a leftovers from Halloween.”

“Ahem!” Gohan grunted glaring at his brother who wasn’t paying attention, ‘You’re getting detention alright!’ he thought.

“Hey what are you doing after school?” the boy asked.

“Maybe catch a movie, hey Palace wanna go?” Goten asked.

“Hmm that could be fun” Palace said.

“This is a urgent announcement” a man on the intercom said, “Satan City Downtown area is under attack! So far we know of one hostage, where’s that phony Great Saiyaman now?”

‘Phony?!’ Gohan thought.

“Hey you know we could cut class and just go the two of us now” Palace said.

“How can I refuse!” Goten said laughing nervously, ‘Man Gohan will kill me if I do that!’

“Ready to go?” Palace asked.

“Goten you totally hit the jackpot” Goten friend said.

“Ahem!” Gohan said from behind Goten.

“Sounds good, let’s get out of here” Goten said.

“GOTEN!!!!” Gohan yelled.

“AHHH! What do you want?!” Goten asked.

“Goten did you hear that announcement?!” Gohan whispered.

“Can’t you see that I am busy?!” Goten whispered.

“Slacking in my class is one thing, but leaving innocent people to die, so that you can go on a date?!!!” Gohan hissed.

“Fine! Sheesh! I’m going! I’m going! Sorry Palace I will need to rain check.”

Goten then left the classroom and made his way to the roof mumbling to himself.

“Damn! I was that close to getting a normal date! Better make this fast” Goten said pressing a button on his watch as he ended up dressed in a Great Saiyaman suit but was yellow and his helmet had the number 3.

“I am the Great Saiyaman 3!! Criminals you will really pay for making me miss a date!!” Goten yelled taking off to the city.

Where did Goten go?” the boy from before asked seeing Goten nowhere on the roof.

“How he’s so dreamy” Palace sighed.


“Hey Zato want to check out the scene?” Pan asked.

“Nah, Goten probably on his way and besides there is another hero” Zato said showing her a newspaper.

“Oh no way!!” Pan said.

“Yep, let’s just stay in class today” Zato said.


Flying to the city Goten began to see the scene at Satan Bank, “I sense a very weak power lever” Goten said as he spotted Emperor Pilaf Gang.

“Listen up! I want 10,000 Zenie! A Nintendo 3DS and 3 chocolate bars or the girl gets it!!” Pilaf yelled holding a knife to a little girl.

“Uh…” Most of the people in the crowd said.

“Don’t think I won’t kill the girl!!”

“Emperor are you sure you only want 10,00 Zenie, a game system for kids and 3 chocolate bars?” Mai asked.

“Do I fer one of the chocolate bars?” Shu asked.

“No fool!” Pilaf yelled as Goten landed.

“No need to fear! The Great Saiyaman 3 is here!” Goten yelled.

“Look up there!!” a man yelled almost hitting Goten.

“Hm?!” Pilaf said as in the sky they saw MajMajuub flying down.

“It’s him!!”

“Wow he’s the greatest!”

“Don’t worry Super Saiyaman! I’ve got this covered!!” MajMajuub said.

“MajMajuub?!” Goten said.

“You prey on the young and weak, prepare to meet you predator, I am Papaiyaman!”

“Too bad we don’t play fai!” Pilaf yelled as his gang fired their guns at him as MajMajuub dodged all the bullets and took out the gang mere seconds as the gang fell over.

“He is so great!!”

“He is so cute!!”

“Papaiyaman...where have I been the last week? Maybe I should cut back on dates” Goten said as a newspaper hit him in the face as he pulled it off to see a Super Hero section with Papaiyaman at number 1, Mr. Satan at 2, the Great Saiyaman and Dark Saiyan at 3, Saiyagirl and the Dark Saiyagirl at 4.

“Where am I?” Goten said looking down the list of a total of a hundred and saw the Great Saiyaman 3 at number 100, “WHAT!? 100!!?”


“Oh Poor Uncle Goten at number 100” Pan said.

“I know, our dads are at number three not to bad” Zato said.

“Poor Goten” Mia said.


“Bah!!” Goten said tossing the newspaper in the trash, “They are just crazy I am the best Superhero of all time!!” Goten shrugged as he took off back to school.

Meanwhile outside the city in a canyon a gateway of darkness formed as the hooded Towa emerged  with a white haired Saiyan in a green gi following behind her.

“Such weak power levels, what a pathetic little backwater planet” the Saiyan said.

“This is where your father calls home here you can find him and claim what’s ours” Towa smirked looking down at the city below.

“Ha ha ha, Planet Earth be prepared to be destroyed by the son of Goku, Xicor!” the man declared as he laughed evilly.

A.N. Do you like it? Hope so! Cause this story will come out in the near future! Maybe for Christmas! Who knows! I hope you like it and keep an eye out for when I do release it on Fanfiction at Rojoneo!

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Yamato012 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013  Student Writer
So...whore out SSJ4 and use villains from the main show as well as other DBZ related doujin? Dont you have anything original like your own villains or characters?
Rojoneo Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would advise you to actually read all the stories (in order) before you read this one
MegaElekid947 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013
love it each word retold is back cant wait o see this in fanfiction
Rojoneo Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks Grey!
MegaElekid947 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013
no prob keep writeing, keep drawing and keep smileing
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