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"7 saiyans of different origin"
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A.J. G
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United States
Just another writer hoping to make it big but will start off with some Fanfic just for fun and all my story copy rights doesn't belong to me, this is all just for fun like everyone else.

Here is my own Profile

My name: Sorry not telling but you may call me Rojoneo

My Age: 21

My Gender: If you were not able to tell I'm a dude.

My Personality: I guess I'm a bit of a smartass.

Lets see when I was a kid I was always writing I didn't realize I wanted to pursue that as my future till I was a lot older. Someday I am hopping to be a great author and work with some of the big names like my idols J.k. Rowling and Jame Paterson. When I was a kid I was bullied so now that I'm older I've made it my goal to help people with my stories. It doesn't matter who you are and how many time someone told you that you can't reach your dreams I believe we can all make a differences on our good planet, I know what it's like to be that kid that was in outcast at school it hurts I know but I am not letting that stop me from reaching my dreams! No sir! Before I become a big name author I wanted to try out my writing skills here on this website with one of my all time favorite TV shows Dragon ball, Z and GT.

6/4/13 Recently someone brought it to my attention I should label the order of each of my series on my profile on how each series should be read in what order sooo...

The Retold Saga

(1) Dragon Ball Z: Retold

(2) Dragon Ball GT: Retold

(3) Dragon Ball AF: Retold (Coming soon)

(4) Dragon Ball: The Hero's Legacy

The Dragonball Heroes Saga

(1) Dragonball Heroes

(2) Dragonball Heroes: Return of the Shadow Games

(3) Cross Epoch Heroes (Dragon Ball and One Piece Crossover Special)

(4) Dragonball Heroes: The Halloween Mishap! (Holiday Special)

(5) Dragonball Heroes: Wrath of the Time Breakers

(6) Dragonball Heroes: Christmas Mayhem (Holiday Special)

(7) Dragonball Heroes: Multiverse Games

(8) Dragonball Heroes: Hero Origins (Trunks and Akina Prequel)

(9) Cross Epoch Heroes II: Dream 9 (Dragon Ball, One Piece and Toriko Crossover Special)

(10) Dragonball Heroes: Hero Wars (Details about this story is down below on 2/19/2013)

(11) Dragonball Heroese: The Heroes Beginnings (I will finish this when all my other projects are done first)

(12) The New Dragonball Heroes

The Fable Saga

(1) Fable Anniversary: Retold (I will do this when the others are done)

(2) Fable II: Retold

(3) Fable II: Retold

(4) Fable IV: Dawn of the End

The Live Action Dragonball Saga

(1) Dragonball Evolution: The Retold Story

(2) Dragonball Reborn: The Retold Story (Will come out when the other projects are done)

Things to come well some of you already know about the Multiverse Games that I plan to write in 2013 after my Origins story and of course the X-Mas special in December but after all those our Dragonball Heroes will pass the torch to new heroes, if you haven't read my Dragonball Heroes series it's been very successful I honestly did it because it was a good idea at the time and didn't plan for it to become this popular well anyway after the Multiverese Games it will begin the new chapter for the New Dragonball Heroes.

I sometimes take requests but I have school and other things to do so I will accept PM's and please be paitnet with me if I take a day or two to update.

I also make my own covers, mostly from pics I find on the internet that I mix together with Photshop which is the best program I have ever worked with! I also made Greymon Leader cover for The Heir of Bardock story, check out all his stories when you get the time and before you read the Multiveres Fic.

I guess that's all I have to say for now about myself and what's to come.


Hallow Creed by Rojoneo
Hallow Creed
Well I finally did it! I now have the confidence to share my Original Characters from my own original story! This is one of them. Now this character is my the third story in one series I wrote (still working out some kinks) but the third is the longest story yet because it has the most heroes in it! A total of 21 heroes.
Originally his name started as Jake-O'-Lantern then renamed to Pain Lantern but now I settled on a better name Hallow Creed like it?

Name: Hallow Creed
Age: Unknown
Species: Gourd
Weapon: Scythe
Magic Level: None 
Forms: None
Partners:  None
Family: Unknown
Bio: From a universe where demons roam and spirits walk meet the fearsome Hallow. A spirit who didn't want to live out the rest of his eternal life as a rotting Zombie corpse possessed a pumpkin and created a body from it. He is not a force to be underestimated he more powerful than he appears. Armed with a blade that he can turn into a scythe and the power or the earth around him Hallow is an ally you would want on your side. Hallow works as a patrol man in his home walking the streets protecting it from those who wish to cause harm it also appear he can communicate with plant life which comes in handy when he sends points vines at you.
Personality:  Though he appears scary and mean Hallow is a very kind being being a plant himself he has a respect for his mother earth and all the vegetation. Much to everyone surprise he can now form expression with the pumpkin face head he has and move his mouth. He also a huger which is bad for the person receiving that hug considering he's  covered in sharp points. He also a prankster scaring new friends with his frightful appearance but hey what do you expect from a pumpkin head? 

The Evolution of Hallow Design Hallow

Hallow, The Nephilim Chronicles belong to :iconrojoneo:
Xing Lonheart by Rojoneo
Xing Lonheart
Well I finally did it! I now have the confidence to share my Original Characters from my own original story! This is one of them. Now this character is my the third story in one series I wrote (still working out some kinks) but the third is the longest story yet because it has the most heroes in it! A total of 21 heroes.

Name: Xing Lonheart
Age: Newborn 
Species: Dragon
Weapon: Dragon Fire and Claws
Magic Level: None 
Forms: None
Partners:  Her Team; JustinAmberDonnieRenoCodyZeroFang
Family: Amber (Imprinted Mother figure)
Bio: After Fang birth Bryan and other members of the Supreme Magic Council agreed that Fang needed to be paired with another infant dragon and would later on mate and repopulate the dragons. So given under the care of Amber Xing hatched  and imprinted on Amber. Bryan also placed a spell on the infant dragon giving her the ability to talk. Xing coming all the way from China seems to have quite an influential personality, she dislikes getting into fights and has a love for history and nature beauty he imprint and bond with Amber  also seemed to have a magical link between the two with each form Amber takes she can also pass it onto Xing making the dragon fire powerful and creating new techniques just like Fang. 
Personality: Xing like to keep Fang out of trouble that being they will both end up mated one day so might as well break him of his bad habits. Only having two legs Xing has a natural flight ability making her fly nearly everywhere she goes but loves to be in the water like her ancient ancestors before her. When it comes to fights Xing prefers to stay out of it but if she needs to get her hand dirty she will end the fight with a might burst of her dragon flame.

Other Look

The Evolution of Xing Design 

Xing Lonheart, The Nephilim Chronicles belong to :iconrojoneo:
The Demon Assassin Zero (Armor Mode) by Rojoneo
The Demon Assassin Zero (Armor Mode)
 Now before I post more heroes the six main heroes of my series have another form a special given to them upon becoming a team. Experimental full body armor suits, ones that allow them to travel world that dose not have oxygen and increases their power 10X created by the brilliant Bryan Orbmercs these are the Battle Suits Mark II. 
    I will not lie the suits were influenced by my childhood show Power Rangers and the Kingdom Hearts BBS armors but now here my version with a new twist they used to have capes but I tossed those out (I may put them back on depending on how things go)
    Zero armor increases his strength and speed and surges his electricity with high velocity increasing his electricity by 20,000 volts and speed up to the speed of light . His armor modified for speed attack so once he breaks the sound barrier all enemies better be prepared because they will not beable to see or dodge his attacks.

Name: Mammon Junior (The Demon Assassin Zero)
Age: 16
Species: Nephilim (a mix of Demon and human)
Weapon: The Demon Slayer; Mammon's Fang
Magic Level: None 
Nephilim Forms: Spark Mode, Lighting Mode, Thunder Mode
Partners:  His Team; JustinAmberDonnieRenoCodyFang, Xing
Family: The only thing known about Zero is his father was the Demon Prince Mammon the demon of thunder his mother identity is unknown
Bio: Taken from his mother at birth Mammon Junior was trained in a secret Assassin Guild to be their most powerful weapon as Mammon grew stronger and more aware of what he was the Guild saw he was becoming a threat to their plans and slit his throat and left him to die. Mammon survived but with his vocal cord gone. Unable to speak he became Zero and began to hunt demons instead of people when an offer came to take down Justin and his team Zero decided to test them, seeing they were all like him outcasts in the world protecting the weak he joined them and now is one of their most powerful and fastest allies. Mammon has control over electricity and because of this he can move at lighting fast speeds and also hit his enemies up to 10,000 volts.
Personality:  Zero is one of the most mysterious members in the group, unable to talk he communicate by writing everything on a large notepad (since not everyone knows sign language) Zero likes to keep to himself but is very intelligent and likes to plan out his attacks against his targets. It also known that he hates being called Mammon Junior and has everyone calls him 'Zero' instead.

His normal look The Demon Assassin Zero

The Demon Assassin Zero, The Nephilim Chronicles belong to :iconrojoneo:
I was tagged by :icontheotakufox43: who was tagged by :iconryokozchan: to do this little game!
1) You must post these rules.
2) Answer the ten questions provided by the tagger and make up questions for those you tag.

3) Choose ten people and put their icons on the journal.
4) Go to their pages and tell them they've been tagged. 

5) Not something stupid like 'You have been tagged!' 
6) Must tag ten people.
7) No tag backs.
8) No saying 'no tag backs'.
9) Everyone who has been tagged must write a journal entry.


1. Which Disney Hero or Princess Do You Think Would Suit Your Personality Best?
A= Hmmm. Which Disney Hero? There's so many to chose from! It's been awhile but if I had to pick I would say I am most like 

2. Favourite Anime? (Or Cartoon If You Don't Watch Anime...)

A= Oh! This is a tough one! There is so many shows I watched Ed, Edd and Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Dragon Ball, Tenchi Muyo, Digimom, Pokemon (before it got stupid), Samurai Jack but if I had to pick overall I would pick Ed, Edd and Eddy!

3. Which Character In That Anime/Cartoon Do You Think You Are?

A= Hmm I would say I was more like Double D because he was the only smart character on the show, he wasn't physically strong but could get Ed and Eddy out of any situation they get them in if it involves a lot of thinking.

4. What Do You Love About Your Country?
A= Well it's okay our situations are way better than what other countries are going through and sometimes I feel safe but I am not going to start wearing red white and blue just yet.

5.  A Life-Time Supply Of Chocolate-Chip Cookies Or All The Power In The World?
A= Teeth rotting cookies to last me till I die or drop dead from diabetes? Or the power to SEEK MY REVENGE ON THOSE WHO WRONGED ME AND PAY THEM BACK TENFOLD!!!? I think I will take Power better watch out certain people.

6. Favourite Colour? 
A= Red :P

7. Favourite Song/Band Or Artist?
A= Maroon 5!

8. BOO!! Did I Scare You? X)
A= Try better next time.

9.What/Who Is The Meaning Of Life For You?
A= Family of course! 

10.  Why?

A=Because family what truly important and even for those who don't have parents or whatever you don't need to be related by blood to have a family those you hold close in your heart is your family 

----------------MY QUESTIONS TO YOU!!!!----------------

1. What's your fave hobbie?

A= Pixie Smashing. Just Kidding I love to draw!

2. Play any musical instrument??

A= I used to play the Trumpet

3. Blue or Black?

A= Black

4. Favorite Candy?

A=Hershey Cookies and Creme! 

5. Which is your fave pair of shoes and clothing?

A= My new Black Jean Jacket!

6. Hair color?

A= My hair a really dark Brown people think it's black but it's brown

7. Do you like Gravity Falls? 

A= Never watched a full episode 

8. Can i virtually hug you?? <3

A= *GLARE* eh sure ten bucks for ten seconds

9. you blush constantly? 

A=Not often and not with people I don't know

10. Want something to  eat?? 

A= Nah I'm good

And my turn to tag people! So TAG! TAG! TAG! Your all it!
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