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Ash Saiyan God of Hope by Rojoneo
Ash Saiyan God of Hope
The Saiyan God of Hope and master of time the young Ash in his Saiyan God armor. This hero joins the heroes as the 13th Saiyan God  when he was only a child  and since then was considered possibly one of the strongest for his young age. Now grown up and in full control of his powers over time he can be consider a lethal threat to this enemies
(Sketch) Adult Ash (Sketch)
(Child) Ash Saiyan God of Hope
Adult Ash (Sketch) by Rojoneo
Adult Ash (Sketch)
The Saiyan God of Hope and master of time the young Ash in his Saiyan God armor. This hero joins the heroes as the 13th Saiyan God  when he was only a child  and since then was considered possibly one of the strongest for his young age. Now grown up and in full control of his powers over time he can be consider a lethal threat to this enemies
Zato Saiyan God of Mating by Rojoneo
Zato Saiyan God of Mating
(Sketch)Adult Zato (Sketch)

Name - Zato Hoshi

Alignment: Good
Age: 17
Born: Age 783 
Race: Saiyan (Deity)
Home: Earth (Born, Raised)
Combat Power: ?????
Occupation: Martial Artist, Middle School Student and Saiyan God of Mating and Warrior of Stealth
Goals: To protect his home and loved ones from anyone who dares to attack the planet

Base, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, Super Saiyan 4, Saiyan God

The First born to Kento and Serena Hoshi, Zato has always displayed interest in his fighting abilities since he was a toddler his parents noticed how quick he could pick things up. He looks up to his Great Uncles Goku and Reyoto and his Grandfather Vegeta and always wanted to be as strong as them someday when he grew up. 

Pan and Zato are close for cousins and hates being left out like her so when the opportunity to go into space and search for the Black Star Dragon Balls came the two jumped on the chance, even if it cost them Reyoto strict punishment for dragging him into it. Zato display high power when backed into a corner it wasn't known by his parents or anyone in their family but Zato could use his Super Saiyan 1 and 2 forms with ease but to other surprise he had more power than he let on and could even use Super Saiyan 3.

During the battle against Baby the Blutz Wave Amplifier used on Baby accidentally hit Zato first before Baby resulting in Zato turning into an out of control Golden Great Ape. Thanks to his mother coaxing and talking to him during his enraged rampage Zato was able to conquer his Saiyan rage and push his form into Super Saiyan 4 and joined the fight against Baby.

Zato and Z-Fighter took place in the Multiverse Tournament when the opportunity came and Zato found himself attracted to the Saiyan Amazonian Princess Mia and the two started a relation much to her mother refusal. Zato fought and slowly began to show signs that learning and controlling his Super Saiyan 1-4 forms was leading to something much greater and it was proven when Zato ended up a finalist against a powerful Demon Saiyan who easily defeated all in his way. When the time for Kenero and Zato to fight it quickly looked that the young youth would die and the fate of the Multiverse would fall into the evil Kenero hands but when Kenero fired a blast directly at Mia Zato acted without thinking and shielded her triggering the final straw in Zato. That moment Zato limits were pushed and he became a Saiyan God and took on and defeated Kenero.

After the tournament Zato was forced to say goodbye to Mia who was taken back to her home Universe but not before promising her he'd come for her someday. Zato Now trains hard to someday find and save Mia from the fate her wicked mother has in store for her.
For today review I read another book by Alex Flinn! Cloaked! Wow I really liked this story. Main character Johnny a simple shoe repairman helping his mother pay the bills. Then a beautiful princess comes to the hotel they work in and from there John life spun upside down from being given a quest from the princess to find her brother who been turned into a frog! Helping Swans finds their sister to break a curse, Giant slaying! And learning more about who he loves someone who was in front of him the entire time or the beautiful princess. 

Now I am waiting for more books to come in the mail so I rate cloaked three in a half stars, I recommend it to any Alex Flinn reader!
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Rojoneo's Profile Picture
Armando Gasca
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Just another writer hoping to make it big but will start off with some Fanfic just for fun and all my story copy rights doesn't belong to me, this is all just for fun like everyone else.

Here is my own Profile

My name: Sorry not telling but you may call me Rojoneo

My Age: 21

My Gender: If you were not able to tell I'm a dude.

My Personality: I guess I'm a bit of a smartass.

Lets see when I was a kid I was always writing I didn't realize I wanted to pursue that as my future till I was a lot older. Someday I am hopping to be a great author and work with some of the big names like my idols J.k. Rowling and Jame Paterson. When I was a kid I was bullied so now that I'm older I've made it my goal to help people with my stories. It doesn't matter who you are and how many time someone told you that you can't reach your dreams I believe we can all make a differences on our good planet, I know what it's like to be that kid that was in outcast at school it hurts I know but I am not letting that stop me from reaching my dreams! No sir! Before I become a big name author I wanted to try out my writing skills here on this website with one of my all time favorite TV shows Dragon ball, Z and GT.

6/4/13 Recently someone brought it to my attention I should label the order of each of my series on my profile on how each series should be read in what order sooo...

The Retold Saga

(1) Dragon Ball Z: Retold

(2) Dragon Ball GT: Retold

(3) Dragon Ball AF: Retold (Coming soon)

(4) Dragon Ball: The Hero's Legacy

The Dragonball Heroes Saga

(1) Dragonball Heroes

(2) Dragonball Heroes: Return of the Shadow Games

(3) Cross Epoch Heroes (Dragon Ball and One Piece Crossover Special)

(4) Dragonball Heroes: The Halloween Mishap! (Holiday Special)

(5) Dragonball Heroes: Wrath of the Time Breakers

(6) Dragonball Heroes: Christmas Mayhem (Holiday Special)

(7) Dragonball Heroes: Multiverse Games

(8) Dragonball Heroes: Hero Origins (Trunks and Akina Prequel)

(9) Cross Epoch Heroes II: Dream 9 (Dragon Ball, One Piece and Toriko Crossover Special)

(10) Dragonball Heroes: Hero Wars (Details about this story is down below on 2/19/2013)

(11) Dragonball Heroese: The Heroes Beginnings (I will finish this when all my other projects are done first)

(12) The New Dragonball Heroes

The Fable Saga

(1) Fable Anniversary: Retold (I will do this when the others are done)

(2) Fable II: Retold

(3) Fable II: Retold

(4) Fable IV: Dawn of the End

The Live Action Dragonball Saga

(1) Dragonball Evolution: The Retold Story

(2) Dragonball Reborn: The Retold Story (Will come out when the other projects are done)

Things to come well some of you already know about the Multiverse Games that I plan to write in 2013 after my Origins story and of course the X-Mas special in December but after all those our Dragonball Heroes will pass the torch to new heroes, if you haven't read my Dragonball Heroes series it's been very successful I honestly did it because it was a good idea at the time and didn't plan for it to become this popular well anyway after the Multiverese Games it will begin the new chapter for the New Dragonball Heroes.

I sometimes take requests but I have school and other things to do so I will accept PM's and please be paitnet with me if I take a day or two to update.

I also make my own covers, mostly from pics I find on the internet that I mix together with Photshop which is the best program I have ever worked with! I also made Greymon Leader cover for The Heir of Bardock story, check out all his stories when you get the time and before you read the Multiveres Fic.

I guess that's all I have to say for now about myself and what's to come.

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