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A.J. G
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Just another writer hoping to make it big but will start off with some Fanfic just for fun and all my story copy rights doesn't belong to me, this is all just for fun like everyone else.

Here is my own Profile

My name: Sorry not telling but you may call me Rojoneo

My Age: 21

My Gender: If you were not able to tell I'm a dude.

My Personality: I guess I'm a bit of a smartass.

Lets see when I was a kid I was always writing I didn't realize I wanted to pursue that as my future till I was a lot older. Someday I am hopping to be a great author and work with some of the big names like my idols J.k. Rowling and Jame Paterson. When I was a kid I was bullied so now that I'm older I've made it my goal to help people with my stories. It doesn't matter who you are and how many time someone told you that you can't reach your dreams I believe we can all make a differences on our good planet, I know what it's like to be that kid that was in outcast at school it hurts I know but I am not letting that stop me from reaching my dreams! No sir! Before I become a big name author I wanted to try out my writing skills here on this website with one of my all time favorite TV shows Dragon ball, Z and GT.

6/4/13 Recently someone brought it to my attention I should label the order of each of my series on my profile on how each series should be read in what order sooo...

The Retold Saga

(1) Dragon Ball Z: Retold

(2) Dragon Ball GT: Retold

(3) Dragon Ball AF: Retold (Coming soon)

(4) Dragon Ball: The Hero's Legacy

The Dragonball Heroes Saga

(1) Dragonball Heroes

(2) Dragonball Heroes: Return of the Shadow Games

(3) Cross Epoch Heroes (Dragon Ball and One Piece Crossover Special)

(4) Dragonball Heroes: The Halloween Mishap! (Holiday Special)

(5) Dragonball Heroes: Wrath of the Time Breakers

(6) Dragonball Heroes: Christmas Mayhem (Holiday Special)

(7) Dragonball Heroes: Multiverse Games

(8) Dragonball Heroes: Hero Origins (Trunks and Akina Prequel)

(9) Cross Epoch Heroes II: Dream 9 (Dragon Ball, One Piece and Toriko Crossover Special)

(10) Dragonball Heroes: Hero Wars (Details about this story is down below on 2/19/2013)

(11) Dragonball Heroese: The Heroes Beginnings (I will finish this when all my other projects are done first)

(12) The New Dragonball Heroes

The Fable Saga

(1) Fable Anniversary: Retold (I will do this when the others are done)

(2) Fable II: Retold

(3) Fable II: Retold

(4) Fable IV: Dawn of the End

The Live Action Dragonball Saga

(1) Dragonball Evolution: The Retold Story

(2) Dragonball Reborn: The Retold Story (Will come out when the other projects are done)

Things to come well some of you already know about the Multiverse Games that I plan to write in 2013 after my Origins story and of course the X-Mas special in December but after all those our Dragonball Heroes will pass the torch to new heroes, if you haven't read my Dragonball Heroes series it's been very successful I honestly did it because it was a good idea at the time and didn't plan for it to become this popular well anyway after the Multiverese Games it will begin the new chapter for the New Dragonball Heroes.

I sometimes take requests but I have school and other things to do so I will accept PM's and please be paitnet with me if I take a day or two to update.

I also make my own covers, mostly from pics I find on the internet that I mix together with Photshop which is the best program I have ever worked with! I also made Greymon Leader cover for The Heir of Bardock story, check out all his stories when you get the time and before you read the Multiveres Fic.

I guess that's all I have to say for now about myself and what's to come.


SU Gem OC: Echo by Rojoneo
SU Gem OC: Echo
Updated: I decided to draw him in another angel
I created my first Corrupt Gem OC! The Species are Echoers. Gems who lost their gemanity in a cave system and became bat like monsters. Normally the size of these creatures is Big Bird. Echo was a runt who Black Pearl found. Having pity BP decided to train and help save this gem and help it become a Gem again.

Name:  Echo

Age: Geometric 

Height: Baby Melon Size

Gem: Moonstone

Gem location: Inside mouth

Weapon: High Pitch Scream

Bio: ???

Unique Abilities:
  • Echolocation: Like a bat these creatures can use echolocation to see in the dark and in the day.
  • Berserker Mode: With lunar rays Echo can enter a wild state freezing the area in ice and going on a rampage.
  • Lunakinetic Combat: The user can use the power of the moon in physical combat. The user can also invoke moon energy magics to various uses.


    -  Echoers are blind. They have no eyes and the gem in it's mouth dose not act as an eye. 

    - It's teeth are strong enough to grind up rocks and gems

    - Echo own personal goal is to devour Emerald
    - Of all the Crystal Valour he like to cuddle with Heliodor, watch Hematite work, hang on Black Pearl back, hang out with Howlite and torment Emerald everyday

OC's mentioned are: 

Emerald Ⓒ DeityDeviantWarrior 

Howlite Ⓒ HikumiRin 

Heliodor Ⓒ PunkPanda15 

Hematite Ⓒ CrazySpaced 

Black Pearl Ⓒ Rojoneo 

Steven Universe © Rebecca Sugar
Request: Saiyan Persona Jan by Rojoneo
Request: Saiyan Persona Jan
so my buddy asked for Saiyan Persona of himself :iconmegaelekid947: 
Okay I am so sick and tired of this so I am putting it out there to all the new people starting out. Guys nothing is free! If you ever receive a note like this 

Hi there,

just looked at your artwork and it looks really cool. (Me: Aww thank you!)

You got an unique style . (Me: Oh stop it!)

I just came across a site that offers a free upgrade for DA (Me: my troll senses are tingling!)

It worked for me and I got a 12 months upgrade, great, might lead to some extra exposure too. (Me: hmmm do I click the obviously fake link and let some troll give my computer a virus? Or do I report this troll?)

You might check it out as well: (Me: BLAM!! I just reported your ass!)

(Some bulls*** link here) (Me: do I look like I was born yesterday? I ain't clicking that!)

And remember, keep up the good work! (Me: Oh shut the hell up)

Cheers (Me: go get a life!)

Too good to be true right?! It a scam! Don't fall for this! Guys DA would never give away stuff like that. They would make those prize for real contests within the da site not some outside source.

Guys links like that are dangerous! Hackers use them to give your computer a virus with that they can steal personal information! Never trust any ad like that! If it too good to be true it is! Never click on links that claim it will give you free stuff it a scam! 

I just had to warn all the newbies I don't want anyone falling for these scams and if you get a note like that go and report that sob sender and delete that note!
  • Reading: Isle of the lost
  • Watching: Steven universe!
  • Playing: Lego jurassic world
  • Eating: CHICKEN!
  • Drinking: MTN Baja Blast

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