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A.J. G
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United States
Just another writer hoping to make it big but will start off with some Fanfic just for fun and all my story copy rights doesn't belong to me, this is all just for fun like everyone else.

Here is my own Profile

My name: Sorry not telling but you may call me Rojoneo

My Age: 21

My Gender: If you were not able to tell I'm a dude.

My Personality: I guess I'm a bit of a smartass.

Lets see when I was a kid I was always writing I didn't realize I wanted to pursue that as my future till I was a lot older. Someday I am hopping to be a great author and work with some of the big names like my idols J.k. Rowling and Jame Paterson. When I was a kid I was bullied so now that I'm older I've made it my goal to help people with my stories. It doesn't matter who you are and how many time someone told you that you can't reach your dreams I believe we can all make a differences on our good planet, I know what it's like to be that kid that was in outcast at school it hurts I know but I am not letting that stop me from reaching my dreams! No sir! Before I become a big name author I wanted to try out my writing skills here on this website with one of my all time favorite TV shows Dragon ball, Z and GT.

6/4/13 Recently someone brought it to my attention I should label the order of each of my series on my profile on how each series should be read in what order sooo...

The Retold Saga

(1) Dragon Ball Z: Retold

(2) Dragon Ball GT: Retold

(3) Dragon Ball AF: Retold (Coming soon)

(4) Dragon Ball: The Hero's Legacy

The Dragonball Heroes Saga

(1) Dragonball Heroes

(2) Dragonball Heroes: Return of the Shadow Games

(3) Cross Epoch Heroes (Dragon Ball and One Piece Crossover Special)

(4) Dragonball Heroes: The Halloween Mishap! (Holiday Special)

(5) Dragonball Heroes: Wrath of the Time Breakers

(6) Dragonball Heroes: Christmas Mayhem (Holiday Special)

(7) Dragonball Heroes: Multiverse Games

(8) Dragonball Heroes: Hero Origins (Trunks and Akina Prequel)

(9) Cross Epoch Heroes II: Dream 9 (Dragon Ball, One Piece and Toriko Crossover Special)

(10) Dragonball Heroes: Hero Wars (Details about this story is down below on 2/19/2013)

(11) Dragonball Heroese: The Heroes Beginnings (I will finish this when all my other projects are done first)

(12) The New Dragonball Heroes

The Fable Saga

(1) Fable Anniversary: Retold (I will do this when the others are done)

(2) Fable II: Retold

(3) Fable II: Retold

(4) Fable IV: Dawn of the End

The Live Action Dragonball Saga

(1) Dragonball Evolution: The Retold Story

(2) Dragonball Reborn: The Retold Story (Will come out when the other projects are done)

Things to come well some of you already know about the Multiverse Games that I plan to write in 2013 after my Origins story and of course the X-Mas special in December but after all those our Dragonball Heroes will pass the torch to new heroes, if you haven't read my Dragonball Heroes series it's been very successful I honestly did it because it was a good idea at the time and didn't plan for it to become this popular well anyway after the Multiverese Games it will begin the new chapter for the New Dragonball Heroes.

I sometimes take requests but I have school and other things to do so I will accept PM's and please be paitnet with me if I take a day or two to update.

I also make my own covers, mostly from pics I find on the internet that I mix together with Photshop which is the best program I have ever worked with! I also made Greymon Leader cover for The Heir of Bardock story, check out all his stories when you get the time and before you read the Multiveres Fic.

I guess that's all I have to say for now about myself and what's to come.


How's This? by Rojoneo
How's This?
I found this base the other day. Base 25 created by :icontemari-chan39: check her stuff out! Now I made this base because my OC Alex recently got accepted into the school the :iconacademyofzalgo: and for some reason Alex been getting some female (and some males) attention! So sorry guys! Alex is taken sooo just because I'm an evil SOB eat your eyes out ladies and gentlemen! You may look but Alex is off the menu! 

Hey Aries :iconbluudybeautiful: looks likes you got some competition now!

Alex: Hey! Catrina! Akane! Enigma! Sharon! Are you all okay? One of you fainted when the shirt came off 

All characters mentioned belong to these lovely folks below!
:iconyoukosmile: :iconkellyandjordan: :icontheultimateenigma: :iconsteamg1rl:
Gabriel Helsing by Rojoneo
Gabriel Helsing
Well I finally did it! I now have the confidence to share my Original Characters from my own original story! This is one of them. Now this character is my the very first story in the series I wrote (still working out some kinks) 

Name: Gabriel Helsing
Age: Unknown
Species: Archangel
Weapon: Broadsword 
Magic Level: High Water Magic
Forms: None
Partners:  Alex, Ren
Family: None
Bio: One of four Archangels whom serve under God, Gabriel was hand selected to take down and destroy Alex when he was set free from his prison. Gabriel prepared to end Alex life saw something, Alex protecting the human and fighting his own kind. After closely watching Alex and Ren Gabriel made his presences known. Untrusting of Angels Alex didn't want Gabriel to join their small group but after tagging along Gabriel proved he was a valued ally. With the power over Water Gabriel could get them to places even the demons couldn't swim to. 
Personality: Gabriel is very adventurous after years of boredom Gabriel is excited to stretch his legs again. Calm in the face of danger and confident in a fight Gabriel is an ally you will want on your side.

The Evolution of Gabriel Design 

 The Nephilim Chronicles belong to :iconrojoneo:
Ren Lonheart by Rojoneo
Ren Lonheart
Well I finally did it! I now have the confidence to share my Original Characters from my own original story! This is one of them. Now this character is my the very first story in the series I wrote (still working out some kinks) fun fact she the first female character I created! Originally I created Ren as Alex love interest right off the bat but changed my mind! Alex gonna have to earn that love because Ren is a demon hunter and would hold a knife to his neck for their first encounter! No love at first sight here love something these two are gonna have a challenge to work out

Name: Ren Lonheart 
Age: 17
Species: Human
Weapon: Katana, Shurikens and a Tanto
Magic Level: None
Forms: None
Partners:  Alex, Gabriel 
Family: Father; Rodger Lonheart
Bio: A demon hunter. Born into a secret society of demon hunters Ren grew up raised and trained by her father to hunt and kill demons. A master fighter in hand to hand combat in martial arts and a assortment of weapons Ren grew up believing all demons were evil creatures and must be sent back to hell by her blade that was until the day her father died. Attack by a hell hound Rodger sacrificed his life to save Ren's and Alex came just in the nick of time to slay the beast and stood by Ren side as Rodger spoke his dying words. Wanting revenge on Arron the man whom sent the beast Ren joined Alex to find her father murderer but also keeping a knife close to Alex neck. During this journey Ren began to see Alex was different a demon learning emotions but also had a kind heart. Ren as much as she hated it began to grow feelings for Alex. Though she won't admit it she would give her life if it could save Alex and he in return.
Personality:  To her enemies Ren appears a soulless warrior with emptiness in her eyes but to those close they see another story. They see a kind young woman protecting those who need it but also showing compassion to the simplest things.

The Evolution of Ren Design 

Adult Ren

Ren Lonheart, The Nephilim Chronicles belong to :iconrojoneo:
Alex's Journal: Day One by Rojoneo
Alex's Journal: Day One
Just for fun I decided to force-I mean have Alex keep a journal of his school days at :iconacademyofzalgo: 

That way he won't go crazy from not killing demons! And as it turns out quite a few students made the impression on Alex! Some of you got a 'May not kill' good for you!

(all the featured Zalgoids belong to their respected creators below!)
:iconyoukosmile: :iconbluudybeautiful: :iconzayne-lotr: :icontaiithedecepticaon: :icontheultimateenigma: :iconshirouyumekawa:
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